E Juice Bar

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E Juice Bar

E Juice Bar | East Coast Vapors - Philadelphia, PA

An e-cigarette works by vaporizing liquid using a battery and a small heater (known as an atomizer) to be inhaled. The liquid used is known as “e juice”. For many people, one of the great benefits of vaporizing over smoking is the better flavor. Vaporizing smells and tastes delicious, and with the endless options available,you’ll never get bored!

At East Coast Vapors, we have a wide selection of flavors available in our e juice bar. The juices we feature are:

• Alice Cooper
• Awesome Blossom
• Billy the Kidd
• Butch Cassidy
• Dragon Fruit
• Doc Holiday
• Frappuccino
• German Chocolate Cake
• Galapagos
• Gooey Butter
• Green Water
• Green Apple
• Hazelnut
• Ice
• Honeysuckle
• Josey Wales
• Junior Mint
• Juicy Fruit
• Karpo
• Menthol
• Peach
• Princess Peach
• Peppermint
• RY4
• Snozberry
• Strawberry Kisses
• Vanilla Custard
• Watermelon

You won’t find a better e juice bar than East Coast Vapors. The same pioneering spirit that led us to this new and exciting industry means we are constantly finding new flavors to try so that our customers get the most tantalizing selection possible.Try a few with your friends to mix and match and find what you like best!

East Coast Vapors is the trendiest e juice bar in Philadelphia. It has a relaxing and fun atmosphere that attracts people from far and wide. Come in today to try a yummy and delightful new juice. We are more than happy to talk with our customers about what we have to offer. So why wait? Stop by now to experience the new and exciting world of vapes!

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