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Vape Lounge

Vape Lounge | East Coast Vapors - Philadelphia, PA

Many smokers are drawn to the social aspect of smoking among other things. It can be tempting to take a break with coworkers and enjoy a cigarette, or go out with friends to smoke together. That is the great thing about e cigarettes. You are free to enjoy all of the social aspects of smoking without harming your body. Our vape lounge is a great example of how the recreational benefits of smoking are matched by our product.

Our vape lounge is a great place to kick back, unwind and enjoy your e-cigarette. We are much more than just a vape shop. With comfortable seating, awesome music, and friendly customer service, there is no better place to come with a group of friends for a night out.

At East Coast Vapors, our e liquid bar is close at hand so you will never want for any flavors to try. Come in and sample our products for a while, then make an informed decision on what you want to stock up on at home.

Vape lounges are a great place to learn more about your e-cigarette as well. Chat with your fellow vape users about their preferences and new trends. We think you’ll find that the atmosphere in our lounge is always welcoming, laid-back and inviting.

Come into the shop today to check out our vape lounge. Spend a few hours forgetting the outside world with friends! We love meeting new people and we’re always happy to chat with new customers about their questions. Vaporizers are new and exciting so of course we want to spread the word! Visit our shop in Philadelphia today! You will be glad you did!

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